Mississippi Dance Company
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314 East Railroad Avenue
Crystal Springs, Mississippi 

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Mississippi Dance Company 
Dancers present
MDC on Broadway!

​Call or text Lauren for details

Open House at MDC is August, 10th

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Class Schedule 

Monday Classes

330-4153K Pre-Ballet
330-415Tumble, 1st-2nd grade

430-5305K Tap/ Ballet
430-530Tumble, 3K-5K

530-6301st Grade Tap/Ballet
530-630Tumble 3rd-4th

630-730Jazz or 3rd/4th Tap/Ballet
630-730Tumble, 5th and Up

Thursday Classes

330-4154K Pre-Ballet

430-5302nd Grade Tap/ Ballet

530-630Baton 1, Beginner
530-630Hip Hop 1, 1st-3rd grade

630-730Baton 2 Intermediate
630-730Hip Hop 2, 4th and Up

Classes are subject to change based on class size! 

** Dance apparel can be ordered

** We can fit your daughter for dance shoes

Monthly tuition will be $40 per month and is due by the 10th of each month. Late fee of 5.00 will be applied to your bill.

Ask us about Direct Deposit!

We offer Sister and Multiple Class Discounts!